At home with the Caldesis

The Vision

The Vision

Despite the fact that there are no architectural borders in the space, traffic is cleverly guided through the room by the bespoke curved furniture, which also defines the cooking, dining and relaxing zones. The main working hub of the kitchen needed to be functional for both family use and as a professional cookery school, so the main cooking area is offset slightly from the usual centre of the room in order that three or four people can all work comfortably in that zone.

β€œIn discussions with the Caldesis it became obvious that the dual usage of the kitchen – for the family and for the cookery school – were equally important. My design therefore had to work on numerous levels so that whether it was for a quick breakfast, a family lunch, an intimate dinner for two, a corporate event or a large celebration, everything just flowed and felt right.”

The large, curved island operates both as a food preparation hub and welcoming spot to talk and interact with guests and family. The curved glass bar encourages people to stop and linger, but also creates a gentle barrier between guests and the chefs. The in-built induction cooktop and sink with waste disposal unit on the island, means that the Caldesis do not have to turn their backs on guests, paying or otherwise, and they can feel part of the meal at every stage.

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