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Luxury Kitchens: Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Bespoke kitchen designer Simon Bray shares his philosophy behind his luxury kitchen designs

“When it comes to designing modern, bespoke English kitchens, I like to combine traditional qualities such as warmth, luxury and longevity with all the practicalities and functionality available in modern furniture enabling me to create individual rooms with a timeless look that will not date.”

The distinctive designs produced by Simon are founded on his passion for excellence and five key principles:

  • Flexibility of design
  • Innovative design and mix of materials
  • Quality of build and finishes
  • Enhancing family life
  • Luxurious aesthetics

The design concept developed by Simon and incorporated into all the kitchens he creates – connected freestanding – draws on elements from the traditional freestanding English kitchen, which he has updated to produce furniture which is both contemporary and more practical; a modern English kitchen.

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