The Working Hub and Relaxing Centre
of a Family Home in London

The Brief

The Brief

The clients wanted to extend their 1905 Edwardian home to change their kitchen-diner into a true living space and give better access to the garden. With four children in the household, as well as regular home entertaining, they were looking for something that was both functional and luxurious.

“With the extension plans in place, it was vital to use the architectural features of the new room, as well as ensure it delivered a real lifestyle change to the clients by making the garden more accessible. Outdoor living is increasingly the norm in a large family home and I needed to design a space that not only enhanced that, but also provided everything the family needed from sunrise to sunset whatever the season.”

The clients did not just want a formulaic ‘designer’ kitchen, such as a variation from a range that everyone else had. The new space needed to provide a unique wow factor, as well as have all the storage and practicality of a large family room. It had to be a place where everyone could work, relax, eat and interact.

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