A Country House in Wiltshire

The Vision

The Vision

The previous kitchen the owner had inherited gave little thought to workflow or optimum use of space. The two rooms were enclosed and the family felt hemmed in with large, elaborate furniture. Opening the two rooms into one and switching the entrance stairs from right to left allowed Simon to create the sense of space and grandeur the client was looking for, whilst also ensuring the kitchen worked perfectly for entertaining and relaxing.

“The curved entrance stairs down into the kitchen have foot level lighting, which mirrors that on the curved island, and draws people into the room, instantly making it a welcoming and warm environment. Whilst now completely open plan, there are distinct and obvious zones – for working, for dining, for relaxing – that work beautifully on their own but also within the room as a whole.”

A long, sweeping ‘floating’ island of cluster oak with integral storage and curved glass breakfast bar is the working centre of the kitchen and the feature of Simon’s design. His signature use of connected freestanding is also evident, with larger pieces of cluster oak furniture connected by smaller, walnut pieces. Burr walnut panels on the larder cupboard doors reflect the design theme and create an elegant feel to a very functional area.

Opening up the rooms and switching the entrance stairs allowed the creation of a distinct dining area. Surrounding the large, bespoke dining table with curved, low level walnut wraparound cabinets helped to emphasize the defined zone of the room and the soft curves also introduce a more relaxing ambience, enhanced further with mood lighting.

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